Did you know that November is National Blogging Photo Month? A few of the photographers that I follow participate in this 30 day challenge to get photographers back to blogging daily. Of course it has morphed to include Instagram and whatever social media platform people want. But the point is to take and more importantly post a photo every single day (something that I know I will struggle with). So I figured I would give it a try this year since I enjoyed my Octography. It’s fun to go back and see running commentary on our lives and I am old school – I like blogging because I know that the content will never go away.

      So to do this project I am going to follow a theme that I did back in 2013 called “Thankful ~ A Month of Gratitude” The basic concept is to post something you are grateful for each day. Simple, straightforward and a really good exercise as we start heading into the holiday hectic times.

      Thankful ~ Day 1

      Today I am thankful for sleeping children. I am pretty sure that my kids were stuck on a residual sugar high from Halloween yesterday. The amount of melt downs were intense, then they turn around and burn a crazy amount of energy running and shouting and playing. Top it off with Gavin’s last soccer game of the season and yeah, I was ready to look at sweet little faces sound asleep.