Today I am grateful for my mom. I am always grateful for my mom, but today she gets an extra call out. My mom is the most patient person I know. She is so kind, she listens, and she slows down and takes the time that you should with the people you love. And her love is completely unconditional, giving a quiet strength to whoever she places it in. I continually try to pawn my kids off on her until they are 18 because I know they would turn out much better with her than with me (joking … sort of). I have learned so much from my mom and continue to every day.

      And then there are days that I like to mess with my mom. Like today. In Costco. With two rambunctious little boys. That she let loose from the cart. I meandered around while she tried to manage a kid rodeo. I occasionally stepped in with the stern mom threat, but for the most part, I chuckled while she tried to not get exacerbated with two little boys that had their own agenda that included not listening to her. There was something satisfying knowing that they don’t discriminate who they are difficult for (muh-ha-ha-ha).

      When it is all said and done, I can only hope that I am half as good of a mom as mine is. Love you mom!



      She is a VERY special person and the love of my life. We are all so thankful to have her in our world.

      Yeah – especially since she puts up with you!


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