Jeremy and I made a stand last night at dinner time, telling the boys that no, they may not have chicken nuggets for dinner again and that their choice was to either eat the dinner that was prepared or they could take their bath and go to bed. They chose the bath and bed. Gavin didn’t nap and fell asleep at 7pm on our bed while Carter was still in the bath tub. Carter was out by 8pm. Then Gavin woke up at midnight and stayed up until 2am until FINALLY falling back to sleep. Then Carter woke up at 5:45am hungry. Lesson learned the hard way that it really isn’t worth it to take a stand on dinner when they wake up at odd hours because they are still hungry.

      So today, I am ever so grateful for coffee. Something I cannot start my day without and something I revisited several times throughout my day today to keep me going. And an extra little bit of thanks for the latte that I was able to whip up this afternoon for lunch.




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