Today I am thankful for storms. We are having our first windstorm of the season, complete with a 10 foot branch that fell on our deck and scared the beejeezies out of us. Seems like a funny thing to be thankful for, especially since we lost power and aren’t sure when it will come back on. But the kids have glow bracelets and are having so much fun with them. We dumped the legos out by the sliding glass door so we could build with the grey filtered light coming in, and we have a generator that stalled and stalled and stalled when we tried to start it as the lights were flickering, then started right up once the power went off.

      But what I am most thankful for is Mr. Abel, who we hired to do general maintenance of our yard. Last night I went to bed and our gorgeous Japanese Maple was loaded with beautiful deep red leaves. This morning all those leaves were on the ground, along with branches and pine needles galore. I am SO thankful I don’t have to clean all that up!




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