Today I am thankful for tradition. Ever since I was a teenager, my mom and I would get up at the crack-of-nobody-should-wake-up-that-early and hit the black friday sales. It is our tradition that kicks off the Christmas season – we would put Christmas music on in the car and when I was a teenager, we would grab a cinnabon and then shop. As I grew into an adult, we traded the cinnabon for Starbucks. We had one main rule that kept us doing it year after year: the moment we are not having fun is the moment we leave. Some years that was two hours after we set out. Other years we lasted well into the afternoon. I also added a new rule this year: I refuse. REFUSE. to shop on Thanksgiving night. I believe all stores should be closed so that people can spend the time with their families and that is my own little boycott against it.

      So today my alarm went off at 4:40am. I picked my mom up at 5:30, I had my first sip of coffee at 5:45 and by 9am I already had four shots of espresso. I was tired this year! We lasted until almost 11am and were able to get some stuff that we needed, plus a bunch that we didn’t (photos of my decorated mantle coming soon!).

      Mom, I am grateful for our tradition. Even though it is crazy. But that is what makes it so awesome.