Today  I am thankful for Date Nights. We tried to go out last week, but a windstorm blew in and the power went out, making it not a good idea to leave the kids home with a sitter. This week we tried again and it thankfully worked out. We went to iPic Theaters and caught Enders Game (one of my all time favorite books – movie was good, book is WAY better). Jeremy took me to iPic for mothers day a couple years ago and we vowed that is the only place we will see a movie ever again (especially since we only go to one or two each year). They bring you alcohol. And food. To your seat. A seat that reclines. And you have a blanket. It is awesome. After the movie we headed to dinner at the Three Lions Pub to catch part of the Husky Football game.

      So today, I am grateful for time spent with my husband without children interrupting our every fourth word.



      Nice 41 megapixel photos from your Lazarus phone.