This has to be one of my favorite Thanksgivings. So many fun and funny things happened throughout the day and I wanted to get things written down and photos posted before I forgot them all.

      When we originally planned to have Thanksgiving at my brothers place everyone was healthy. Then my sis in law had shoulder surgery (torn rotator cuff & detached bicep), so we weren’t sure how things were going to work. What ended up happening was so much fun – they still ended up hosting (my brother bought a giant 4K TV so we could watch the Seahawks play, so we HAD to go there) and everyone chipped in for the dinner. Grandma Cindy helped get things prepared and tables set earlier in the week and since it was mainly my side of the family that got together, Kimmy decided to make the turkey and stuffing that we grew up with. This meant my mom came over yesterday to get things going on the dressing and then I headed over this morning with Gavin to get the turkey prepared, stuffed, and in the oven. Gavin named the turkey “AUNTIE KIMMY!” which we shortened to “Ayyy Kaayyy the TurrKaaaay” and then read her her last rights before shoving her in the oven with well wishes of “gettin’ in my belly”!

      There was a giant connect four game for the kids to play, plenty of food and football, and absolute chaos at mealtime. The dining room was set beautifully with two tables so we were all together and trying to get food served to everyone was crazy and loud and took forever. We laughed at how it took us longer to get people food on their plates than to actually sit and eat. And everything was wonderful – AyyyKaayy was perfect, the stuffing amazing, potatoes delicious and all the accompaniments awesome. Dinner time conversation somehow brought to light a new vocabulary word for my dad, in which he used at every opportunity he could. We finally had to show him a video of twerking so he knew what he was talking about, lol. Let’s just say we were all glad we had eaten prior to watching that…

      We ended the evening all crowded around watching the Seahawks game. The level of noise, shouting and cheering made the kids come running from other rooms in the house to make sure things were okay. There were so many fun and funny highlights to the game that kept us cracking up (Lynch continuing to run upside down – classic). And all the twerking comments throughout. And my niece pointed out that Kappernick looks like Squidward from Sponge Bob and we all lost it.

      Here are a bunch of snapshot that I took throughout the day – nothing spectacular, just grabbing some fun memories.

      Thanksgiving1 Thanksgiving2 Thanksgiving3 Thanksgiving4 Thanksgiving5 Thanksgiving6 Thanksgiving7