We have been on a crazy schedule over this last weekend between the Preschool Thanksgiving Feast, Thanksgiving at my brothers house and then hosting second Thanksgiving with the Halbert/Butler side of the family on Saturday and I am WAY behind on processing photos. I gave a quick view on the Preschool Feast, now I am on to Thanksgiving Day. Second Thanksgiving will be coming at some point…

      So on Thanksgiving, my eldest brother Scott and my sis-in-law Kim were gracious enough to host around thirty people for Thanksgiving. THIRTY PEOPLE. She is amazing (I do not give my brother any credit on this one). The whole day went off flawlessly. There were fun activities for the kids, the turkey who was named “fat Patricia” was delicious, not to mention all the other wonderful food that we had. But the best part was enjoying everyone – we had such a great time! So thank you Scott & Kim – it was a wonderful day and you guys were amazing hosts!

      I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted (sorry husband, you are absent!) and only did a super fast edit on them, soooo, here goes:

      Thanksgiving morning Carter asked me to send this photo to Heather – Heather is the 13 year old daughter of our family friends that Carter LOVES. Not just “Aw, I like her” but as in he has been talking about seeing her on Thanksgiving for a month. And then he informed me that he loves her more than Conner and Beverly (his two best preschool friends). That is saying something! Anyway, this photo his is defending her with his light saber … I can believe it with that look on his face! (phone photo on this one)Thanksgiving-5

      These two hoodlums are my brothers Scott and MarkThanksgiving1

      Our lovely table decorations – all the kids decorated gingerbread houses for our centerpiecesThanksgiving-19Thanksgiving-20

      My little man Gavin, looking cute as alwaysThanksgiving2

      Our family friends Garrett and SandyThanksgiving-10

      Kimmy and her mom CindyThanksgiving3

      Judy, who got WAY more photos than I did!Thanksgiving-11

      My mom and Kim – getting the food readyThanksgiving-12

      My mom and Greg, making some gravyThanksgiving-13

      Sandy getting the sides readyThanksgiving-14

      My mom and Judy, hanging outThanksgiving-23

      Heidi – Kim’s Sister – and I before dinner starts & Scott getting the group shot ready with my pose (yes, I actually wore a skirt!)Thanksgiving4

      Heidi and Stu, the new “whatever” Thanksgiving-15

      Homemade rolls that were DELICIOUS!Thanksgiving-16

      Melissa and MichelleThanksgiving-24

      The whole gang againThanksgiving-22