I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone already and tomorrow is December 1st. The last week has been crazy, as we hosted Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy’s family at our house and then I did some black friday shopping. It took me a full two days to recover from that early wake up time. The holiday was lovely, I took most of the week off of work and the boys and I tackled everything together – or rather, they drove me crazy while I tried to get things done. Tuesday was spent grocery shopping, Wednesday was cleaning the house and prepping the dressing and making pumpkin pie (where it took me three tries to get the crust right for one). And Thursday we spent the day with Nana, Papa, Uncle Chip, Auntie Sandy, Chase, Chloe, and Charley … plus a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. It was so much fun, the food was wonderful, and I realized it is hard to host, cook, and photograph the event so the pictures suffered. I did get a few however…


      The Food Preparation the day before:


      Mr. Turkey, all 21 pounds of him:


      The Table Is all set:


      The Full View – we put the kids at the bar:


      Carter and Papa munching on appetizers:


      Chase engrossed in the football game:


      Total Cuteness with Chloe:


      The crew hanging around the island before dinner:


      Grandpa and Chip chatting it up, well, Chip listening to Grandpa talk…


      Grandma and Auntie Sandy talking:


      Carter, Chase, Charley, Jeremy, and Sandy hanging out:


      All in all, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we had the BEST time with everyone!


      Thanks Lisa for sharing the photos and for hosting such a wonderful day.

      Great pictures Lisa. it looks like everyone was having fun all with smiles on their faces and a beautiful family at that!
      PS – your house is gorgeous also.