Now that we are into the cooler part of fall and are not outdoors nearly as much, I put my bird feeders back out so that I am entertained while I am doing dishes throughout the day. This year I have noticed an influx of the larger birds – we have a gorgeous blue jay and a variety of woodpeckers. I put a suet feeder on our garden window in the kitchen and always hear this loud crash and know it is one of the larger birds trying to eat. Each time I hear that, I grab my camera. And each time I try to get close enough to get a photo, they take off. Today I finally did it. I believe this is a pileated woodpecker on the right that keeps coming to visit. I saw it in the waterfall taking a bath the other day. To show you how big this sucker is, here is a comparison photo of the little birds I normally get on the feeder. (And please disregard my nasty kitchen window – the birds fling the suet all over it!)




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