It seemed like our due date was so far away when I started this blog.  The baby was so small – a poppy seed, a lentil bean, or a grape.  Now we are at 30 weeks and the baby is 15.7" long and weighs close to 3lbs!  I have decided that it is good that pregnancy takes nine and a half months – it honestly takes you that long to be able to mentally adjust with the development of your baby.  I remember seeing a friends 20 week ultrasound when I was probably 7 weeks along and being completely freaked out by it.  How could she deal with something THAT big in her and know that it looks like a person!  Of course by the time I got to 20 weeks, I was very ready to meet our little munchkin. 

      Now at 30 weeks, I know that the survival rate of our child is very good if we have a premature labor – Domenic was born at 30 weeks and you would never know it today.  There is something comforting in the thought that though it is not ideal, we are going to be okay if labor comes early.

      We finally made a decision on the theme for the baby’s room too – we are going with the "Hug Me" set since it is neutral and we are going to paint the walls Urban Nature, a new color line from Benjamin Moore.  We are going to register this weekend, so think patient thoughts for us … I have been told to get plenty of rest and make sure you eat before hand, because it takes FOREVER!!