I am running around like a crazy fool trying to get all our laundry done, lists completed, and now things pulled together for packing!  Grandma and I just finished a Costco run and Carter is zonked out in his swing right now, so I am taking a few precious minutes to post a photo that I took with my phone.  We bought an umbrella stroller for our trip, *hoping* that he would be able to hold himself up well enough to use it this early.  I busted it out at Costco when I realized that I forgot the bjorn.  Carter was awful tiny in it, but held himself up like a champ and LOVED the view from riding around in it!  He sat there looking around and chattering away at people while we got our shopping done.  What you can’t see is the little platform that kids put their feet where the picture cuts off at the bottom … I put a blanket next to him to make sure he didn’t slide sideways and it was funny to just see his feet barely sticking out past the seat!


      Denise also let us borrow Domenic’s old Jumperoo and Carter LOVES that (thanks so much Dee, March & Domenic_!!.  I will get a photo posted of that soon, too, cause he is sooo little in it.  I can’t believe how well he is holding his head up these days!