This week has been a little nutty!  On Sunday night, the baby was REALLY active, so Jeremy and I grabbed the video camera to film how crazy it looks.  We took an hour worth of video that he edited down to about 3 minutes.  If we can reduce the size of the file (it’s around 200mb right now), I *might* post it.  It really is bizarre to see the baby move that much, but not sure if they world needs to see my gigantic bare belly.

      Monday I started having some contractions that were really high on my stomach and I thought that maybe things were starting to happen!  But then nuthin.  I even tried to bounce on the exercise ball for an hour to see if that would help and all I got out of that was sore legs!  (haha, maybe I should have worked out more)

      I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday and learned that I am between 1.5-2cm dilated now, so progress is being made, but slowly.  Baby is still heads down with it right there pressing against my cervix and the baby is still growing – I am at 38cm now.  I have another appointment on Tuesday (if I make it that far) and my doctor is going to “strip my membranes” to see if that will naturally induce the labor.  Though it is not a guarantee, most women go into labor after this occurs.  It isn’t supposed to be a particularly painful procedure, but very uncomfortable.  Kinda hoping that I don’t make it to Tuesday!

      In the meantime, all the birthdays in March are now safe – we just passed Melissa’s yesterday and she turned 14.  How the heck did that happen??  I can’t believe that she will be driving in another year and a half with a permit.  SCARY!

      So now the next few days are all about trying to get this kid out of me :-)  Everything at work is now handed off and I don’t have much to do (which is nice!).  Going to try to do some serious walking and bouncing on the exercise ball more, even though likely none of that works and the baby will just come when it is ready!  Keep your fingers crossed! 



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