I have been playing soccer on Monday nights since Gavin was 8 weeks old to try to get back into shape. One thing about soccer – there is a lot of resting time that you can take. I did really well that first game back out there, WAY better than my first game back after Carter. I wasn’t in the crazy slow-motion zone that that felt like I was having an out-of-body experience watching myself suck.

      Now I am starting to train up for the Leavenworth Oktoberfest Half Marathon on October 15th. Part of getting ready for that run will be running the Seattle Torchlight 5k at the end of July. My friend Angela sent over a training plan to help prepare me for the torchlight run and I did the first two miles tonight.

      And HELLO LUNGS. I thought I was going to puke them up at one point. The continuous running was a bit tougher than I expected and then there were the hills. Specifically the hill on the pipeline right by our house. It is around a 153 foot climb in a half a mile. I made it about two thirds the way up when I had to stop and walk a little bit. That killed my time – first mile I paced was at 11:40 and second mile I was at 10:51. Not so stellar, but it is my first run since giving birth three months ago, so I should probably cut myself a little slack. Full ascent/descent was 387 feet. And every time I start wondering why I do this to myself, I think about the pair of jeans that I would REALLY like to fit into again. And the ability to donate all my “fat/early pregnancy” clothes so I don’t ever have to see them again.


      Really great job! Seriously, the first run back after a hiatus is the hardest, longest run of your life! Even with hills, it’s so awesome that you have a trail right out your back door. :)