My best friend and I both have two boys and by some stroke of luck, they are at the perfect staggered ages so that no one is hitting the exact same phase at the same time, plus clothes and toys pass through all four boys. Domenic is the oldest – he will turn five in February. Then there is Carter, who will turn three this March (and I can’t believe that). Cole is next, who is turning two in April. And last is Gavin, who is going to be one this March.

      We headed over to Denise and Marcello’s house this weekend for a play date and it was the first time ever that all four kids played together. We all happily acknowledged it is only going to get easier with them and all of us are looking forward to the fun and funny times ahead!


      Breakfast Time!


      Gavin and Cole playing with a walker side-by-side:


      Cole’s whole face lights up when he smiles:


      Domenic and Carter had a great time with a hot wheels race track:


      Working together to get it set up:


      Carter thought it was pretty funny when the cars flew off the track:


      L.A.D.Y.  K.I.L.L.A. – Watch out for this one when he gets older!


      PB&J for lunch – the perfect wrap up to a wonderful morning hanging out:


      And this little monster just kept crackin me up!



      In a few years, you will have four cameras pointing at you, March, Denise, and Jeremy and posting embaraasing comments for the world to enjoy. Meawhile, it wil be fun watching this group (of eight!) grow older together.