Remember when you could walk from one room to another without thinking about it?  Yeah, well, I don’t.  My warning to all new parents … be careful what you wish for!  It was so cool to see Carter crawl and then we had to keep up with him.  Then it was so cool to see him pull himself up, now everything is a jungle gym.  We finally broke down and ordered baby gates and a hearth gate.  With winter coming, our kitchen/family room was getting chilly so our current baby proofing wasn’t working and we needed to do something about it.
      This is what we originally did to baby-proof.  Yes, those are all just cushions surrounding the fireplace that we NEVER TURNED ON.  Best part is when Carter got tired, he totally just plowed into them face-first, lololol!
      And now we can have a fire!!
      Carter was trying to help Daddy by peeling off the label on the box
      The end result – doesn’t look too bad!
      We got the extra tall gates for the other rooms … I have a feeling we will have a climber (I was screwing around with my white balance settings, hence the bluer tone of this photo).
      Lucy and Carter don’t like being seperated much anymore – they are starting to play together these days and it is hysterical.
      Welllll….maybe Lucy is seeing the merits to this gate thing afterall…

      "Hey! Am a zoo resident or a visitor?!?" Love the pictures.Nana

      I am so very, very afraid. Lolol