Ah yes, that time of year again! Time to find the perfect tree that will withstand two little destructive boys … hmmmm … I don’t think they make them out of duct tape. We decided to hit up a family owned business this year, Snow Valley Christmas Tree farm, and it didn’t disappoint. We met up with another family from Carter’s Kindergarten class and the kiddos had a blast running around. There were chickens in a coop to look at, the giant red & white measuring poles were a favorite to play with (seriously took three of the smaller kids to walk it from place to place) and there were so many trees.

      After looking around at a bunch of them, we decided to try a new variety call the Turkish Fir. Supposedly it is as full like a grand fir and doesn’t lose the needles as quickly like a noble. We found the one we wanted and Jeremy realized that at this place, they will cut your tree for you for free. Cut it with a chainsaw. And then haul it to your car in an ATV. While he ran to go get someone, he heard me yelling “CHEATER!!!” after him. Half the fun of this excursion is waiting 25 minutes while he tries to saw through the trunk with a dull blade and a bunch of choice words flying… Our kids need the memories! This is what Christmas is about!

      Jon and Debby found their tree after traipsing back and forth with the kids¬†– Jon man’d up and cut the tree down on his own (he did get someone to haul it to his car though). At least they got half their Christmas.

      When we got home, Jeremy had to do a little extra trimming before we could put her up in the house.

      Meet BIG BERTHA. The fattest, most pregnant looking Christmas tree I have ever seen!


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