When we bought our house, one of the selling points from the realtor was that it had a Tiger Wood deck in the back. I thought it looked a bit dingy the way it was (take a look at the before photo) and figured it really needed to be cleaned and stained. When I pressure washed our patio furniture this spring, I cleaned off a small portion of one board to see what it looked like and the result was a solid grey color that was better than the overall look we had.

      Since we knew nothing about Tiger wood, we started researching and what little we could learn was that Tiger Wood is an exotic dense hardwood that is extremely durable. Apparently it is so dense that stains do not apply well and when we talked to the folks at the Lumber place, they recommended just putting a clear UV coat on it (upkeep on a stain would be a miserable every-six months process). So we picked up the supplies and pulled the pressure washer back out and we walked away with a gorgeous deck looking the way it SHOULD look!

      This is what we started with – the brownish, greyish, uneven color that was dull and lifeless.


      This is what just pressure washing, cleaning with bleach and soap, and then adding a wood brightener did to it – already a hundred times better!!


      Here it is mid-staining


      And the final product … can you say night and day difference??? Now I can understand why people pay the extra money for this type of deck! Added bonus – our newly stained Adirondack chairs match (which is what I was hoping for and so glad it worked out)!


      And now all of our giant yard projects are complete. Poor Jeremy now seems to dread May and June because I always wind up finding something that we should do. But now it is time to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the summer!


      Wow! That is stunning!!