The hospital bag is now packed (still need to purchase one or two more things, but there is a list now).  All the baby laundry is done.  The house no longer looks like a train wreck.  All my projects have been handed off at work and I have a short list of things to accomplish left ….  And now we wait.

      Mind you, I WANT to get to my due date – the baby will be healthier if it cooks a bit longer and then we get the entire summer off (which is always a good thing!).  But I don’t think I have ever been at a point in my adult life where I am not so busy that my head is spinning (from work or things at home).  I ALWAYS have stuff to do, but given my physical limitations, I am pretty much now just waiting.

      I still don’t *think* I have had any more contractions outside of a few Braxton hicks.  There is definitely some sort of movement though – like an increased pressure in my pelvic area and almost like the baby is trying to move some organs around in me.  Not painful, but uncomfortable.  I guess that it could be the baby dropping, but the head is already RIGHT THERE.  People always say you will know when you are in labor and what it feels like when it happens, but I guess I am looking more for the signs of pre-labor.  Guess it is just wait and see time … my doctors appointment is on Wednesday afternoon, so I should know a little more then!



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