Just before Christmas we found out that Jeremy had a business trip to Vancouver BC on the twenty second. He mentioned making a trip with the kids out of it and the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. We haven’t travelled anywhere with them in awhile and there were some great deals out there on hotels with indoor pools, so we jumped and decided to take a three day trip up north.

      I tried to prep the boys prior to heading out, letting them know they were going to be going out of the country for the first time. Carters response, “We have already been out of the country. We went to Florida.” It was a great way to explain the United States and Canada and he seemed to understand, until he pointed out again that he went to Florida and that is out of the country. Then on the drive up, Gavin informs us, “I really can’t wait to meet Mancouver. I bet we can play Fire Dragon at his house. And I think he is old – like seven.” When we tried to explain we were going to VANcouver and it is a city, not a person, his face bunched up and he started to cry because he really knew Mr. Mancouver was there and we needed to find him. At this point (seriously trying not to laugh), we agreed that while we were visiting the city, we would definitely try to find Mr. Mancouver.

      We left mid morning on Sunday and lucked out with relatively little border wait time. Our hotel had an indoor pool, so after trying to check in early (our room wasn’t ready), we headed out to Linner since it was so late in the afternoon, then came back, put our swim stuff on and hit the pool. After about an hour, we came back to the room to watch the Seahawks game and let the kids order room service (which sadly I didn’t take photos of). They thought it was the coolest thing to pick up the phone and tell someone what you want to eat and they bring it to your room!

      I will likely do one or two more posts because I took a ton of photos, but here is the first installment!

      Vancouver-1 Vancouver-2 Vancouver-3 Vancouver-4



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