I think that we have turned the corner with our sweet, sweet little boy and are starting to fully embrace the terrible twos. This morning he gave the look of all looks when Carter told him not to throw a puzzle piece. He dipped his head down a little bit, rolled his eyes TWICE, and furrowed his brow in utter contempt, showing us EXACTLY what he thought of that. It took everything in Jeremy and I to not bust out laughing and I soooo wish I could have caught it on video.

      And I am scared. I thought Carter was difficult at two and three (which he is now coming out of thankfully), I think Gavin is going to be even harder. Here is a look I got yesterday from him and this is barely skimming the surface of what he can do. Imagine a WAY deeper furrow, his head slightly dipped, and those big brown eyes rolling around, basically giving you the two year old version of the finger. Fun times ahead!