… during a spin cycle for a washer.

      We FINALLY got our washer and dryer replaced after the “interesting” install experience that we had. I don’t think I posted all the details, but I had to go round and round with people in order to get a brand new washer and dryer.

      After yelling at my sales person on Sunday, a technician came out on Monday to take a look at it. He determined that the front seal was completely messed up and that the washer drum springs basically fell off during install because the shipping bolts were removed prior to setting it up. That mean all the hoses and cables underneath the drum were smashed to hell. His words were something along the lines of “an unknown quantity of damage could have been done.”

      I called the store where we purchased the system to yell, got transferred to customer service where I had to yell again. It was around 4:45 at this point and I was told that someone would call me back Tuesday morning to discuss a solution.

      Tuesday morning I hadn’t heard from anyone and called and yelled again and this time someone finally responded. Not only did I get a brand new washer and smart dispense pedestal, I asked for them to replace the dryer too – I had no idea if there was damage done to that. They agreed, so I asked to get it switched out to gas. Had to pay a little extra for the upgrade and install that came with it, but we got actual install people to deliver and install and NOT delivery guys.

      And I am finally happy – I am on load #2 of laundry with about 10 more to go. The first 48 hours are going to be taxing on this machine! But it is awesome. I love smart dispense, I love that the load setting carries over to the dryer, and most of all, I LOVE HOW QUIET IT IS. A great start to a long weekend!


      But now you can hear the cat inside?


      When I told 2Chili about your problems, his first thought was that the shipping bolts were involved, but he thought they may still be intact. So glad you got it all resolved!

      Sounds Wonderful. Love following your blog.


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