Yesterday started off rough – lack of sleep for two days in a row (as in barely six hours that were interrupted a LOT) and my beautiful boy was on the fussier side for the morning as he fought sleep and had some tummy trouble.  But the day turned around when we picked up Grandma and headed to Flower World and Molbak’s for our start to the annual flower shopping (weather has been crap this year and we started late).  Carter did fantastic hanging out in the Baby Bjorn as we shopped (got all my impatiens purchased, as well as some filler plants for a new trumpet flower that we started this year!).

      When we dropped Grandma back off, we had to go say hi to Grandpa and Great Grandpa and that is when it happened … Carter started smiling in response to Grandpa and Grandma!!  And he did it again later in the evening for me and daddy!!  He doesn’t do it every time, but it is now often enough to know that it is in response to you smiling at him and it is SO CUTE.  Next objective: get a picture of it. :-)

      And what had to be the whopper of all birthday presents happened late last night … he slept for over SIX HOURS straight.  Since I was more or less a wreck by the end of the day because of two nights in a row of hardly enough sleep, Jeremy kept Carter downstairs with him and sent me off to bed, telling me that he would bring him up to feed when he woke up.  I trotted off around 10pm and crashed hard.  I woke up at three and wondered where they were, but figured Jeremy would bring him up when he was ready and nodded back off.  I didn’t wake up again until 4:45 and that was when Jeremy was changing him – this is the first six hours of sleep I have gotten in almost six weeks!!!  We fed until about 5:30 and I handed him back off and went back to sleep and didn’t get up again until 8:30!  Carter is still asleep now (it is almost 9:30), so I anticipate howling soon :-)  I feel like a whole new person!

      Crossing my fingers that 1) he isn’t sick and is okay and 2) this isn’t an anomaly, but we are starting to go longer!  I think he may be going through a growth spurt with all the sleeping, so who knows if this will keep up.  I have also noticed his feedings are getting shorter – like he is able to get what he needs a lot faster, which is fantastic.  Feeding for a half hour every 2-3 hours is MUCH better than feeding for an hour every 1-2 hours!  We are making progress!



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