Been a crazy couple of days!  Friday I was getting a bit stir-crazy after being in the house basically six out of seven days, so my mom and I decided to brave it up to Lynnwood to a cute little Christmas shop that we were planning on going to prior to all the crazy weather (that affected everyone but us).  Highlander drives great in the snow – we didn’t have any problems at all and as we were heading up I-5, we see a reader board stating there is an accident blocking the right two lanes at Mercer.  Traffic didn’t seem to be slowing down, but when it finally did, we saw two helicopter’s circling something that we couldn’t see, as it was blocked by an overpass.  After making some comments about the news always blowing any sort of weather related accidents out of proportion, it finally came into view.  "ARE THOSE TWO BUSES HANGING OVER I-5????"  It looked like something out of a movie – this photo doesn’t do it justice (we got the view from the underside looking up), but click into this slide show to see what it looked like.  THANKFULLY injuries were minor … it had to have been one of the craziest accidents that I have ever seen.  Guess the buses couldn’t stop when coming down a hill and crashed through the barrier above I-5.


      Given that we got shafted in the last storm, we planned our weekend like we normally do and headed up to see Greg & Leighs new house up in Marysville (it is about 50 miles north of where we live).  Right after finishing up our wonderful dinner, my mom calls and informs us that it is starting to snow pretty hard down south and that we should probably make our way home sooner rather than later.   The weather system is making it’s way from the South to the North quickly and we are supposed to have serious winds associated with it.  Drive home wasn’t bad at all – we ended up picking up two stray kids for the evening (Ryan and Nikki came over to hang out with us) and it snowed hard from about 3 in the afternoon until late in the night.  It is hard to tell how much we got, because the winds were blowing it all over the place – our entire front porch (all the way up to the door) is now completely covered by a couple of inches of snow.  My guess is that we got 4-5 inches total – it was so cold that the flakes were the tiny/fine ones.  The heavy winds didn’t make it where we were, so we still have heat and power (YAY!).

      I think that we may have had some freezing rain in the middle of the night, because when I went to get the paper this morning, looked like there was a layer of ice across everything.  It’s snowing again right now and we are heading to Kirkland for Taylor’s birthday party in a little while.  That should guarantee that we get another couple of inches of snow (only happens when we want to do stuff).  :-)

      Super quick Baby update – we are now at week 27 and the baby grew about half an inch from last week.  I now may start to feel it when the baby gets the hiccups!  We are also at the point that if for some reason we were to go into pre-term labor, they would likely be able to keep the baby alive.  Of course that will not happen and everything will be fine, but it is good to know that we are at an okay state of development.  WHEW!