I got some test results back about a week ago that my genetics pretty much suck (thanks dad).  My cholesterol was on the tad high side and I am extremely Vitamin D deficient.  Living in the NW in the winter time, some vitamin D deficiency should be expected because we can go for weeks on end with never seeing the sun.  However my test results indicated that I was really lacking it, so a weekly mega-dose later…

      I have decided that Vitamin D is my happy pill.  It is amazing how much more energy I have had this last week and how much happier I have been because of it.  One side effect is potential weight loss – haven’t seen that happen (again, THANKS DAD for the genetics), but it has only been a week.  Plus I figure the long runs I have been tackling each week should help out too.  Maybe I will contemplate potentially wearing a bathing suit this summer… (WHOA … wow, that was certainly getting ahead of myself!).

      Poor Carter has been sick the last two days.  He has been a fountain of snot and really makes us wonder how someone so small can produce so much.  Huh.  Mystery of life I guess.

      Anywho – Happy Friday!


      WHOA ! ! ! I have been slim for ALL of my life until they put me on female hormones. Thanks, Lisa for your hormones. You get sick all the time, I never get sick and never have? You get weekly colds and miss more work in a year than I have my entire life. You never have any energy. I never slow down. But we do share one common trait. Both of act like we are 65 years old. BTW, I am just funnin so don’t pull the girlie hurt card. – Dad –