It is about this time of year that I long for warm and sunny days, an endless array of beautiful flowers in my garden, and the joy of wearing my children out by running around the yard all day long. Alas, it is March. In the Northwest. I am tired of the rain. I am tired of the cold (um, lower 20s here a few nights ago and snow in the forecast AGAIN). I just want some SUNSHINE.

      We were supposed to get two days of it this past week … we got hazy skies instead, but it was warmer one day and I took the boys outside. Carter dug in the dirt like a man on a mission looking for snakes. However, every time I put Gavin down in the grass to walk, he would sit there and start yelling at me. He. Did. Not. Like. Grass. It was actually quite funny… I am a mean mom and left him there for a few minutes, cracking up and saying, “Deal with it!” In the meantime, his little scream-yells and screwed-up-mad-face were total entertainment. Sadly, I did not get any pictures.

      I also have been busily troubleshooting what is possibly wrong with our pond. I love our stream/waterfall/pond – it is one of the best parts of this house and my view every time I do dishes (which is 80% of my day, I swear). Anyway, the pump stopped working about two weeks ago and I thought it was because the water was so incredibly nasty that there was just some gunk blocking the intake (I think the water was orange). We drained the whole pond and I spend three hours pressure washing and wet-vaccing all the nasty gunk out of it. Only to refill everything and the pump STILL not work. Thankfully we can drain the overflow area and pull the pump out. And all that effort wasn’t wasted – the water is finally clear again. In fact, I think I did a better job than the guy I paid to do it last year. Now we need to figure out how to unhook the pump and take it back to the pond shop… Fun times around these parts.

      In the meantime, here is Gavin from a week ago. Sadly I think there is snow in our yard. SNOW. IN MARCH. *sigh*



      If you pull it out, maybe dad can look at it when we come up next weekend.