Happy Three Month Birthday Gavin!

      You are the happiest, mellowest baby I could have ever hoped for and every day I am so thankful that you are in our lives. And that you came second.

      Here is a list of our favorite things about you:

      • His giggle is amazing – so adorable, so fun, so cute how he will scrunch up his shoulders and squeal.
      • Gavin’s smile is definitely a charmer – his whole face lights up and he is just so happy and he smiles all the time!
      • We have FINALLY gotten to a place of regular bowel movements so that he doesn’t get extremely cranky every three to four days. Hey, don’t judge. You would be cranky too.
      • He is starting to show a little bit of a temper. He will be all smiles and giggles but once he realizes he is hungry/tired/fill in the blank, he will let loose a yell that rivals Carter.
      • He is very aware of Carter now and likes to watch him play. I have a feeling the next months prior to Gavin being mobile are going to be the most fun yet. Gavin can’t get into Carter’s toys, but is totally entertained by watching him.
      • His whole demeanor is so different from Carter, well, at least right now. Gavin is such a happy-go-lucky kid. He sleeps a ton, is happy when he is awake, and we only have moments where he is fussy, but it is always for a reason. He is content sitting in his Moses basket, his rocking chair, or kicking away at the floor and doesn’t always have to be held like his brother did. Again, SO. LUCKY.
      • He is holding his head up really well these days – pretty soon it is going to suddenly transition into him not having to be supported and take us by surprise.
      • Gavin is SO close to rolling over – his arm is the only thing getting in the way. If he could just figure out where to put it so that it doesn’t stop him from completing the turn…

      I cannot believe that he is already three months old – where did the time go? I know, it isn’t like we are just kicking back and being lazy, but holy cow. Even scarier is I am officially over half way through my maternity leave.

      And here is our man of the day: