On Saturday Carter turned three. THREE. I have no idea how that happened. And I am sure I will say that every year.

      It was 8pm the night of the 23rd when I figured out I was in labor with him. I remember thinking something was funny and then being excited that it was finally happening. Then terrified about what was going to happen. And then I was so drugged up from the labor onset preeclampsia that I really didn’t know what was going on. But Carter finally made an appearance after only 20 minutes of pushing. He was born at 10:51am, weighing 7lbs 11.6oz and 19 inches long. Almost a full pound smaller than his little brother.

      Being part of his life has been nothing short of amazing. Even those times when I want to give him away, he still amazes me. I remember how he was a terrible sleeper and now I understand it was because he was so hungry (thankfully we now have an awesome pediatrician). He rolled over at 11.5 weeks, started crawling just shy of six months, walked a week shy of nine months, everyone swears they heard him say his first words in the middle of February at almost 11 months old – Kitty, Duck, and Car. And then we couldn’t shut him up. He learned words at an insane rate and I miss the days when he couldn’t talk…

      In hindsight it was very telling that at 16 and a half months Carter learned how to count to three from us warning him about something or counting from a time out (“You have until the count of three to …”). He started using two to four word sentences at 17 months. I forgot how he was obsessed with motorcycles and used to call them “MoMo” and want to sit on them. Carter launched himself out of his crib at 18 months and had to move into a big boy bed way too early. Queue sleeping issue AGAIN that we have actually just moved out of. He knew his ABCs at 19.5 months. Twenty months was big for him – he started saying “crap” on a regular basis thanks to Grandma. Oh, and he really started understanding puzzles, developing an imagination and pretending, and he would yell “Todd!” every time he would see a Mikes Hard Lemonade, lololol.

      I never thought I would hear a 21 month old know how to voice activate the xBox, “XBOX! DANCE CENTRAL!” We had a beta version of the Kinect and he knew how to work it. The only real illness he has had was bronchitis where he had nebulizer treatments at 22 months. Just after he turned two, his imagination really took off where he was putting concepts together and then changing things around for fun. And then he started learning about superheroes. And really telling some doozie stories. He also referred to himself in the third person for a very long time.

      He hit the terrible two’s full on and we have struggled this last year, especially given all the change (new baby brother, moving, me not working). Thankfully when Gavin was a baby, Carter was super sweet and loving to him. He expressed his frustration to Jeremy and I instead. The moment Gavin started walking, the tables turned and Carter started to pick on him. Thankfully with the difficulties we also got a creative and funny side to him that we have thoroughly enjoyed. Did I mention funny?

      I will do a list a different day, tonight it was more fun to walk down memory lane.

      Here is a look at Carter each year, starting when he was born:


      Carter’s first Birthday:


      Carter’s Second Birthday:

      Carter 11x14 Stairs-9803

      Carter’s Third Birthday (while we were singing happy birthday):


      Julie Langhans-Oghigian

      I just love this! It is the first I’ve seen of your blog… couldn’t be happier to read it! Adorable! You still have that knack for journalism! ;-) xoxo Have missed you all of these years!!!