Wow. Where has the time gone? Gavin is three weeks old today and I cannot believe it. With the whirlwind of trying to get our house on the market, we haven’t had time to really slow down and enjoy him like I would have liked to. But we have three days until we get staged and photographed, then 1-2 more after that until it is listed. So at this point, I am basically going to be out of the house as much as possible and crossing my fingers that we get an offer sooner rather than later. Because I have the Tasmanian Tank.

      Gavin found his lungs this week. There were a couple of times where I didn’t get home in time to feed him and he has really cut loose in the car. It is the saddest cry – infant cries are sad to start with, but the hyperventilating ones that you can’t do anything about really suck.

      He almost rolled over yesterday – his legs were practically there, but given that we have one arm pinned to him, he couldn’t get the momentum to go all the way. It was CRAZY. This kid is three weeks old. Though I think he was two weeks overcooked.

      He still is having tummy trouble which leads to Jeremy trying to soothe him in the middle of the night for an hour to an hour and a half about every other day.

      His eyes are big and bright, he makes great eye contact and I swear he smiles in response. And his smile is SO cute.

      My favorite part of the day is when I go to burp him up on my shoulder and he snuggles his head in under my chin against my neck. I would sit like that for hours if I could, it makes your heart melt.

      Couple of quick Carter funnies from this week: His mind works faster than his mouth – sometimes he can’t spit out what he wants to say and it results in a bunch of, “Uh, Uh, OO, EH, Uh” then blurts out what he can finally find the words for. He also narrates everything. He is so cute with his little “guys” (small action figures) where he will take them around the house and talk them through everything. This kid is a chatter box and insanely verbal – he will talk through complex instructions that he gives himself, or will tell his “guys” different things that either he has to do or they do. So cute.