It is the beginning of May. I am checking in on my projects for the year to see what things I have learned, what I am thinking, where things are at. And I have come to the conclusion it is time to reassess.

      I love video. I think my husband is amazing at what he creates with the GoPro. He thinks about video and sees life in video terms. I do not. I have to force myself to think about taking video. While I understand the optics of video and can take some amazing footage, it is an exercise for me to keep it top of mind. And I only seem to have capacity to keep one thing top of mind at a time. Add that on top of the duplicate footage we seem to get, I have decided that any video I take will be handed over to my wonderful husband to include in our monthly recaps that he creates. I think I would rather just contribute to his footage at this point in time. Plus I miss taking photos.

      Now on to photos. I love the spirit of my Imperfectly Perfect project, but as you can see, it has been missing for awhile. I didn’t realize getting my kids to cooperate in a project like this would be so taxing. They hated it, which meant I hated it, and well, why are we doing it then? That isn’t the point of it. The point is to make sure I have some photos of me with my children by the end of the year.

      I never thought I would say this, but I miss taking photos every single day. I really miss having a 365 project. So I decided that on my 39th birthday last week, I was going to start a new 365 project. It is going to be a mash-up of my Imperfectly Perfect project where I try to get in the frame at least once every week or two and it is going to tell the story of my 39th year and everything it contains. I may experiment with format a little – right now I am thinking I will do one post for each day. I may post daily or I may do seven posts in one day. And I don’t want to limit myself to one photo each day. That was my complaint about the last 365 project I did – If there is a day where a lot happened, then I am going to post a lot of photos. If there is a day where not much happened, then you get one. It is my story to tell however I want to tell it.

      So now we do a happy dance in our house for having figured this out. Stay tuned for a mass barrage of photos for the first week of my project!