Last night Grandma and I went on a whirlwind shopping trip, trying to get all our Christmas shopping done in one night. I am happy to report that both of us got 90% of the way there! We started the night shopping with Carter, then Grandpa and Jeremy met us for dinner and afterwards Jeremy took Carter home with him.

      I received a text around 9:30 that said, “Sneak in through the garage when you are here. Carter is funny.” Lately Carter has been going through some sleep issues – he doesn’t want to be alone in his room at night. I have been staying with him for sometimes an hour an a half to get him to sleep. Jeremy decided to try a new tactic last night.

      He told Carter that he needed to stay on his Lion and Jeremy would sit at the door until the timer went off. After a few minutes, Jeremy hears a quiet “Beep Beep” then silence. Then another quiet, “Beep Beep” and Jeremy turns around and goes, “You’re not the timer, I’m the timer!” Carter hopped up and ran over and said, “My Turn!” and sat down next to Jeremy and then pointed Jeremy to the Lion. And thus the game began.

      When Grandma dropped me off last night, the wind was practically blowing us over. Figuring that it was just a small front moving through, I didn’t think much about it. Then you could hear it howling all night long, a couple of crashes (not tree crashes, but things falling down). When we got up this morning, there were branches everywhere, it looked like our swing was destroyed (thankfully it just blew off the hinge), garbage cans were knocked over and the lid was down the street, patio furniture covers were all blown off. And I guess the wind is supposed to last until noon – I am amazed we still have power.

      As I was getting Lucy ready for a quick walk, Jeremy and Carter were going to watch from the window. Jeremy pulled up the blind, “Uhhh, it is snowing.” Me: “It is 40 degrees out, it can’t be snowing.” Jeremy: “Why don’t you look first before you tell me what it can’t be doing.” And the crazy thing is that he was right, it was snowing. For the next half hour or so we got to see some of the white stuff blow around.