I haven’t written about this, because I thought it would completely jinx it … Carter FINALLY started sleeping through the night about a week and a half ago. And it was dreamy – REALLY dreamy – to be able to get uninterrupted sleep for a full 8 hours. That is until last night. When Carter woke up SCREAMING at midnight. Not calling out for us, but a terrified scream like he had a bad dream. We let him sit there for a bit, then I finally went in and stayed with him until about 1:15am. When I left he started again. We let him scream and cry for about 20 minutes or so before Jeremy went in and stayed with him until he finally fell asleep at 3am. Just when I thought we were over the rough patch for awhile… Today is going to be a second cup of coffee day…

      And on a cheerier front – the mountains are going to get pounded with snow this week and there is a very *slight* chance we may see some lowland snow this weekend or early next week. I will of course be watching it obsessively until I find out that we will not get any (which of course we won’t since it is still too early for La Nina to hit us yet … however, the conditions are playing out quite nicely for us to see La Nina soon!!).

      Okay, Back.To.Work.



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