I completed the first two weeks of my training plan! Week 1 was a 2 mile run on Sunday, that I completed on Monday. Week 2 was supposed to be runs on Tues(2 miles)/Thurs(2 miles)/Sun(3 miles). I ended up fitting them in on Weds/Sat/Sun – as long as I get the weekly mileage in, I figure I am in good shape. Sometimes it is tough to find the time each day to get out for a run with the two kiddos.

      I am still struggling with the hill just behind us – I have yet to run the whole thing. That is the bad part about living almost at the top of Hollywood Hill. You only have up or down to go, there really isn’t much flat area. For my three mile run, I got to the end of the Tolt pipeline right before it started the practically 500 foot decent straight down into Woodinville. I wish I were joking about that decent – it really is straight down the side of the hill. Anyway, at the top of the hill, I decided to try to find relatively flat ground to run if I could. I picked a rolling course, turning down side roads, running along beautifully manicured “farm” land. I love where we live now – it really feels like it is out of a movie, especially on a warm and sunny morning.

      Sadly our sunny day didn’t last – the clouds rolled in around 4pm and are here to stay for the next week again. This Spring has been terrible. We have record snowpack in the mountains – not because it has snowed a ton, but because it has been SO COLD that it hasn’t melted off. I don’t think we have had a day yet where it was sunny out from morning until night. The clouds always seem to roll in – getting REALLY tired of it.