Nana gave Carter a toy ball with all sorts of shapes that you can put in it.  This morning I was sitting with Carter when he picked up a triangle, looks at it, says, “Tri” and then rotates the ball until he could fit it in the right shape.  He then did this with the oval, saying “Ov” and rotating it until he could find the oval. Each day he amazes me even more – the amount that he is absorbing and then saying back as he connects the dots in the world, it is staggering. I think my favorite thing right now is when he calls for his giraffe, ‘GEER-AFFFE.” He actually says the full word really well. Oh, and he is counting his sheep in his book, so he actually DOES understand the counting, haha.

      Saturday was another tough sleeping day – it took Carter an hour and a half to fall asleep for both naps and then he barely slept an hour.  Saturday night when I went to watch him fall asleep, I decided that I wasn’t going to prevent him from climbing out of the pack-n-play anymore. If he wanted to daredevil, more power to him – I was going to ignore it. Funny thing happened, because he fell pretty hard out of his pack-n-play earlier in the week, he has been really tentative about getting out of it. I should take a photo of the video monitor when he does this, he teeters on the corner with his feet dangling to the ground below, but because he knows he is still a long way up, he doesn’t want to let go. Eventually he struggles back into the inside of his pack-n-play and sits down to rest. Saturday night he did this probably a half dozen times before giving up completely and going to sleep.

      Jeremy and I talked about Carter likely is playing to his audience while we are in there with him until he falls asleep, so we decided we would try to leave him on his own and if he gets out, we go and put him back in. Thankfully that did the trick and it didn’t take him too terribly long to fall asleep for both naps and bedtime and he FINALLY had an hour an a half nap (which he has desperately needed). Here is to hoping the rest of our vacation is sleep filled!

      Other notable news – I just ordered an elliptical for lower impact workouts at home once it starts getting dark out early and when the weather is nasty. We bit the bullet and got the Sole E35, which was more than I originally wanted to spend. But after all the research that I did, I was really impressed with the quality of the machine so it should easily last us a long time. It is extremely quiet, which was a big selling point for us. Plus, it is an investment in our health, which you can’t put a price tag on (wow, I am really selling this to myself again … BE GONE BUYERS REMORSE!). Best part – it will be delivered a week from tomorrow!

      Since we have all been so exhausted because of our screwy sleep schedules, I only got in one four mile run so far. I am aiming to do another one tomorrow morning and then maybe up it to five or six miles on Wednesday, then another five or six on friday. I am ambitious at this point, and of course this all depends on how much sleep I get. Fingers are crossed!