We had an interesting week this last week. Everyone had been fighting illness, I finally gave up giving Gavin a nap because he was such a nightmare at night, and we had an “ah hah” moment that we then reverted back on. It went a little like this:

      <Carter was at preschool, so it was just Gavin and I … I was downstairs, he was upstairs>

      Me: GAVIN! You okay?
      Gavin: Yeah. I pooped!
      Me: Okay, I will come change your diaper.
      Gavin: I already did!
      <ME …. SPRINTING UPSTAIRS to find a poopy diaper on the floor with wipes scattered all around>
      Gavin: I did it! I cleaned up!
      Me: Uhhhhh….

      Thankfully the mess was not bad and I have to give him credit for keeping it contained. But what this made us realize is that he might be ready for potty training. So Sunday we went cold turkey with him and just put him in underwear. After asking every minute, “What does your body say? Does it say it needs to go to the bathroom?” and him answering no, then promptly peeing all over, we lasted until maybe noon before we put him back in a diaper. When you are 2 for 7, it was time to read the writing on the wall. He just wasn’t quite ready yet and we weren’t going to force it.