We decided to get everyone bikes for their birthday this year. Carter learned how to ride his 12″ without training wheels and while it was entertaining to watch his knees hit his chest (practically) while he pedaled, we knew it was time to get him something that actually fit. We were a little worried about how heavy the larger bikes are since he was so used to just throwing around that 12 inch, so Jeremy did some research on light kids bikes.

      He found Isla Bikes, a UK company that specializes in kids bikes and has one US location that happened to be in Portland, Oregon. These bikes weigh significantly less than their high end kid competition and since Portland really isn’t that far away, we decided to day trip it to get Carter fit to his new bike.

      The ride down was eventful – the kids were in rare form, bickering like champs. But being stuck in a car for three hours can do that to you. Once we got them a bit of food, they seemed to do a lot better. Even Gavin had a few funny quotables, “Better Hurry. Before the storm comes. And drops a sprinkeley.” All said with his funny and cute intonations.

      The Isla bike warehouse was fun – totally hip and clean look to it. There is a line of bikes to try out, a small lap track to ride on and the area up front where they build the bikes. Each bike is built to order, so we figured that we would have ours shipped to us once we knew what size Carter fit.

      Carter hopped on the small framed 20″ wheeled one with seven gears – it was significantly larger than his 12″ and without training wheels, we were a little worried about him being able to ride it. After a wobbly first lap, he started zipping around without any problems. All with a HUGE grin on his face.

      I am not sure how we lucked out, but they had the bike his size almost complete for a different order. Instead of having us order and shipping it, they completed that bike and sent us on our way with it and some new helmets. And Carter is in heaven – he has figured out the gearing and rides like a champ. We had an epic fall behind our house on the trail, but he hopped right back on and kept going.

      Here are some fun photos from our day trip! (And yes, if you look closely you can see a HUGE drip of drool off of Gavin’s cheek)

      Portland-1Portland-2 Portland-3 Portland-4 Portland-5 Portland-6 Portland-7