<I started writing this Christmas Eve and we never got to finishing it … so here we are, a little late!>

      Today marks Carters 9 month birthday!  Where oh where did the time go?!?

      Here is a list of our favorite things:

      • He is now walking better than ever!  Lots of steps strung together to make a drunken walk
      • Faceplants into pillows when he is tired – so cute
      • He has the best giggle ever and is always so happy – he will just bust out laughing all on his own
      • He is making new faces – a scrunchy smile, pursed lips that look like he is trying to say “O”
      • He now has a high-pitch loud happy scream that he typically uses in the car so that you know he is awake
      • He doesn’t ever sit still – which makes changing him a challenge … especially cause he is so stinkin strong
      • Carter really plays well with toys now and is so curious about everything.  When you take apart anything he will sit there and watch you and then want to help
      • He is clapping and pointing his arm at things – Jeremy finally figured out that the pointing is from when he works at home in the morning, Jeremy has to point the remote around all of Carters toys.  Now Carter is doing it with his arm and when he gets hold of a remote
      • He has been trying to put the different shapes in their appropriate holes – he understands that is what you are supposed to do with them
      • We think he is FINALLY starting to get teeth!
      • He now will get upset when either Jeremy or I leaves a room – a new form of separation anxiety?

      I will post more about our Christmas later (with pictures) – but Happy Nine Month birthday little Monkey!!



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