Since moving to the every-three-months lists for Carter, we have found that we had to write the funny things down along the way. Yay for Cozi on helping with that (it is a fabulous app for managing your family life). Here is our list of favorite things from our crazy little monster:

      • Every day I am completely amazed at how articulate Carter is. His vocabulary has exploded, he can hold conversations with you (even over the phone), and it sometimes makes it really hard to remember that he is only two and a half.
      • Carter now knows how to turn on the tv, turn the receiver to "G" for game, turn on the xbox and get a game started. He began with playing the Kinect but has since moved on to being able to play games that use the controller. And yes, he could easily beat me.
      • While playing the Kinect, he always asks you "Red Or Blue, Pick One!!" He was really into the EA Sports and forced us to do the hurdles with him. I don’t hurdle.
      • Carter decided that the bottom of a banana has "Puppy Poo" on it and he had to take it off before he can consider eating it (Puppy Poo Is from I Stink)
      • He Now Will Tell You What He Dreamed "Daddy Rode a Bicycle"
      • Carter will tell you an elaborate story about riding his motorcycle to Uncle Marks and Aunt Kimmys, then Grandma and Grandpa’s
      • We finally got Carter a bike and he can ride it all over the driveway without any problem
      • He is so cute when he says, "Oh THANKS Mommy!"
      • Carter will yell “EEERRRRK!” when he runs and then comes to a quick stop.
      • Since we are coming up on Halloween, we pulled out the Mummy for the entryway. He will It’s a good thing we have two staircases in our house!
      • Carter sings along to the Spiderman theme song now, swaying back and forth bobbing his head while he does it, “AAAHHH AAAAAHHH AHHH AAAAHHH AHHH, SPEC-TAC-U-LAR SPEC-TAC-ULAR SPIDER-MAN!”
      • He is getting really good at playing catch – if you throw it directly to him, he catches 4 out of 5 balls. He even has a few ‘hands only’ catches where he doesn’t trap it against his chest,  he just grabs it out of the air with his hands.
      • We have FINALLY got him to a point where he goes to sleep much better. And yes it did involve locking him in his room (I can feel the “terrible parent” comments coming from this one…)
      • He is going through another phase that when he wakes up he needs daddy to carry him and lion and his blankets down the stairs, and sometimes he flips out if it doesn’t happen.
      • He is getting very bossy – when you play catch, he makes you stand in one specific spot, and if you don’t stand exactly there, he has a cow. We are also working with him on asking for things instead of demanding them. as well as always using his manners.

      I can’t believe how big he is these days.




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