This is the year that this phrase was coined by Melissa, who just turned sixteen this last week. When she was two and you would ask her how old she is, she would always respond with, “Two Old Years.” Clearly we don’t forget things in our family.

      Holy cow – where did the time go? How on earth did my baby just turn TWO? These last two years have flown by and now his whole life is completely changing with having a new brother. I have to say that when I headed into labor, I was a bit sad. I know that you love children differently and each child is unique, but ALL of our parental love was channeled to Carter and that was just about to change. Once things in our life settle, I will take the time to write a letter to him.

      Okay, so here is the list for this last month:

      • “Carter Do It His Own Self!” Two things about this statement, he refers to himself in the third person and he now has to do EVERYTHING himself.
      • “Got it” When Carter goes into a time out and we talk about what he has done, he nods his head vigorously and says, “Got it” about what he should and shouldn’t do. But then he does whatever he wants all over again.
      • “For Cryin Out Loud, missed it.” He said that this morning when playing catch with Jeremy.
      • “Stop Guys” When we read stories to him before bed, the books have pictures of each story on the back that he likes to pick from. Lately, he has started pointing to the bar code or the Random House publishing symbol and asks us to read that. So we say, “Bar Code,” he laughs like a maniac, then abruptly holds up his hand and says “Stop Guys!”
      • “Ummmm, Mayyyybbbeee…” When Carter tries to think about his answer to things, that is usually how he starts out. Jeremy and I always do this now too, lol.
      • He has the quickest feet when he runs – I got to go to his soccer classes the last couple of weeks and was completely astonished by how fast his little feet could move.
      • Carter uses hugs and kisses as stall techniques now – if he doesn’t want you to go, he will request them over and over again to keep you with him.
      • He doesn’t keep secrets well – Jeremy gave him a Hershey’s kiss a couple of weeks ago and told him, “Shhhh – don’t tell.” He walked into the kitchen where I was doing dishes and goes, “Haaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvveeee CHOCOLATE!” and showed me the chocolate on his fingers.
      • He gets excited about the sweets – when we were eating birthday cake for Jeremy’s birthday, Uncle Mark, Auntie Kimmy and the kids called to sing Jeremy happy birthday. We asked Carter to tell them what he was doing and his response was, “Eeeaaat … Eeeaaat … Eeeaaat … CAKE!!!!” He couldn’t spit it out.
      • He can ride his tricycle all by himself now. The same day I told Grandma he couldn’t, he made a liar of me and started to.
      • From all the prep for baby brother, Carter now will tell you he has baby brother in his tummy. Tonight he even went so far as to start to unzip his PJs to show you.

      I know I have been completely lame about posting photos and will try to get to it in the next week or so. We have had so much going on with bringing Gavin home, trying to get the house ready to put on the market, and trying to figure out life in general with all the changes. Once we get the house on the market, things should calm down a bit (or rather, I will be hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa’s a lot while it hopefully is being shown) and I will catch up on things then.



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