Hmmm… what to say after two weeks… so far so good, but that has been because Jeremy has been off of work and we have been able to tag-team kids. But I have had a few feedings with both boys all on my own and they have ranged from awesome to locking Carter in his high chair because he could not make good decisions (and that would be tonight). But overall, Carter is great with Gavin. He always wants to check on him to make sure his is okay and hugs and kisses him.

      Gavin is such a sweet kid. SO different from Carter. He is mellow, sleeps well (we have had two nights in a row where he has had 4 hour 40 minutes between feedings), and I think I can best describe him as an observer. He is happy hanging out, looking around at lights or whatever contrast catches his attention and then he goes through a succession of expressions on his face that are hysterical. He has a cute smile that comes out in these moments (I am sure it is gas, but I will still take it) and in general he is just content. We are so incredibly lucky to have him in our lives.

      So for me – I have recovered quickly out of necessity. Two weeks later and I am pressure washing our front driveway and sidewalks, planting probably 100 pansies in the front and back yard and cleaning up the yard completely (looks lovely and we got the fountain up and running again!). Our neighbors keep yelling at me, “YOU JUST GAVE BIRTH. YOU NEED TO REST!” I am tired, but got it all done. In the meantime, within one week within giving birth, I was 5 pounds away from my starting weight (which was probably 5lbs higher than it should have been). So these last 10 pounds are going to be painful to get off, but I have all summer to do it. And once I can start running again, they should shed quickly.

      We are on track to get our house on the market by April 15th. We have stagers and the photographer coming on the 13th and I assume it will be listed just after that. At this point almost all of the major things are done and we really only have carpet cleaning and a full house deep clean left (which I have scheduled with our cleaner on the 12th – we are going to do it together to get it done in one day). Oh, and we found out from our neighbors that listed their house on April first that they got a full price offer in less than 24 hours – so that is encouraging! Though I am still nervous about it…

      In the meantime, we accidentally found a house that we really love but are completely nervous about because we haven’t looked at much so far. Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon going through six houses, ending with the one that we really love so that we can see if we still feel the same way about it. Let’s just say that the house is unique, very much a boys house, and there are some big pros and some big cons to it. We are looking forward to seeing a bunch of houses tomorrow to see if we like it just because it is one of the first ones we have looked at, or if it is because it is a house we really do love. It should be interesting and we both are looking forward to it.


      Good News about the neighbor. House hunting should be interesting. Let me know if I can help out in any way on weekends.