We had an active first night back home.  I heard Carter stirring for his first nighttime feeding around 12:30am and asked Jeremy to check the video monitor to see if he was up and at which point Jeremy jumped out of bed and rushed into his room.  Carter had kicked from his back to his front while swaddled.  This of course makes us nervous because what if he suffocates??  But he won’t sleep without a swaddle??  So we fed him (still swaddled) and put him back to sleep (still swaddled).  At about 3:30am he started stirring again and we watched him kick himself over and then proceed to push his head up using his torso strength (like superman sit-ups) and rotate it back and forth.  Clearly he is fine, but we now do want to start working him out of his swaddle.

      So tonight Carter had 6 ounces of formula (we tried a bottle on him earlier today and he took it just fine) and is swaddled with one arm out.  Hopefully tomorrow I can report that I got a nice extended nights sleep (as in more than a 3-hour stint).


      Where’s my baby! :)

      I have not slept swaddled since my last tent camping trip using my -15 degree mummy sleeping bag.