Yes, that is right … two weeks.  Fourteen days.  HOLY COW!  How the heck did that happen??  I have been in complete denial about packing my bag for the hospital.  I am going to get it done today, but every time I think about it, I hesitate … like having that bag packed means that the baby can come right now.  I am not ready for it to come right now!  This is supposed to still be SO FAR AWAY!  I keep having moments where I think “What the heck am I going to do with a little itty bitty baby?”

      So at 38 weeks, the baby is a whoppin’ 6.8lbs and 19.5inches long!  It is definitely feeling bigger and stronger in me too – what were nice little kicks at first are now visible movements from outside my belly.  And I am getting kicked on both sides at once, which is crazy & fun.  It does feel like the baby is trying to kick out a northern exit at times though!

      Here is a photo from Wednesday (day of my doc appointment).  I may not grow out much more, as the baby should start to drop a bit and that will make me just change shape.  Will be interesting to see if it is noticeable between this week & the next two weeks!