So we were all geared up for a nice long family weekend – working in the yard, hanging out, relaxing.  I took friday off of work so that I could get a jumpstart on planting.  I wanted to be able to spend more time with Carter and Jeremy and not be rushed through all of it.

      If only things would work out as planned.

      It monsooned on friday.  What in the WORLD is wrong with our Spring this year?  We have been consistently 5-10 degrees colder than normal with a ton of rain.  So I bailed on doing yardwork and went shopping with Carter and Grandma instead, except that Carter didn’t look like he was feeling so well.  Lots of sneezing, runny nose, and puffy eyes so we snuggled a bit.

      Saturday I braved the rain and planted the front yard and got the dahlia’s planted in the back before calling it a day.  In the afternoon, I noticed I wasn’t feeling super great, so I went to bed early hoping sleep would cure me.

      Sunday it hit me full force.  And Jeremy too.  I sucked it up in the morning and got the backyard planted (well – 90% planted) and when it started to rain, I came in and showered.  But then I couldn’t warm up.  I took my temp and had a fever, so off to bed I went for a nap.

      Monday all three of us stayed in our PJs and tried to get past this crud.  Thankfully Carter seemed to recover way faster than either Jeremy or I, but today still sucks for us.

      Worst part:  Three day weekend – wasted.