After taking half of friday to get things packed up and ready to head out for the week, I was finally off!  Thankfully the drive to the cabin was uneventful and traffic wasn’t too bad.  Ended up arriving right around 5pm and it was hot here.  I think the temps were in the high 90s as I was unloading all that we had packed up.  Jeremy came up after work and got here around 8.

      Saturday was completely uneventful in the best way possible – I sat around and read most of the day & Jeremy scouted out some new area’s to go offroading for when Mark and Kim get up here.  Later in the afternoon, we decided to shave Lucy (she was getting pretty furry and I didn’t have time to take her to the groomer’s, so I bought a shaver from a pet store).  The blade that it came with cut her pretty short (when we get home we will need to get one that leaves her fur a bit longer) and we didn’t do too bad considering this was our first time shaving her.  The trick is to not look too closely at her and you won’t see the patches of fur that are a bit longer than others :-)  She is WAY more comfortable now with all the heavy stuff gone and in this heat and I think in the next week or so it will grow out a little bit and look better… poor dog – it’s like when you decide its time for your first child’s haircut and you undertake it yourself.  Good thing she doesn’t know any better, this likely would have scarred her emotionally ;-)

      Steve and Donna arrived early Saturday evening and we had a nice dinner and relaxing night.  Got up on Sunday & had fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then Donna, Jeremy, and I headed out onto Fish Lake for some kayaking.  I haven’t ever kayaked Fish Lake (surprisingly) and it was a lot of fun.  There are electric blue dragonflies that buzz around you while you glide along the water.  We explored a couple of little inlets that reminded me of a bayou where there were cattails and water plants surrounding you as you wound your way around.  We watched three osprey’s flying around, occasionally diving into the water for their lunch and there were a lot of people out there fishing.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera (as we were on the lake)- it would have been really neat to try to capture one of those dragonflies.

      The weather is starting to change now – there is a fall-like storm blowing in (it is extremely unusual to get weather in the 60s in August in Eastern Washington).  We had some good thunder late last night and more thunderstorms are expected today and tonight.  Our original plan was to head for the lake and play on the ski doo today, we may have to rethink that as there are some dark clouds rolling in as I am writing this.  Mark and Kim changed their plans to take the motorhome due to the threat of rain and the colder nights – I am glad that they are, they will be so much more comfortable in it.

      More Later! xoxo,



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