Carter used to be a bit obsessed with video games on the xbox. All he talked about was Lego Star Wars and he used to freak out when you would tell him time is up, so we ended up not letting him play anymore because his behavior was just … not right for a three year old. So this morning he asked if he could play for a half hour (we used to only let him play a half hour every Saturday), I thought enough time had passed that we might be able to give it another try.

      I was wrong. After the half hour was up, he flipped out once again. So, no more video games.

      But during the half hour, he was happy. And Gavin even sort of tried to play (we put it at two players, and then removed the second player from the game so it still was there and would just follow player one around).

      So here are some pictures pre-breakdown. I particularly love Gavin’s zone-out stare in the last one – it confirms my “no video games” decision.