I was trying to think about what to call this milestone, as it really isn’t a birthday … possibly first trimester incubation day?  Haha, either way, we have now cleared that scarier part of the pregnancy with no major issues or problems.  Now onto the part where I am supposed to be feeling better (so glad I haven’t had a tough time of it so far) and where most women return to normal (save they now will start looking pregnant).

      So what does week 14 have in store?  The baby is growing a ton and fast – I have a feeling we are going to have some doubling more often than not week over week.  Right now the baby is about the size of a lemon, it’s little hands and feet are half an inch long!  And all those expressions that I cannot wait to watch all the time are occurring, "his facial muscles are getting a workout as his tiny features form one expression after another."

      The other thing that happened this week is that TWO people asked and/or hinted at me being pregnant (even though I just look fat and am not showing).  The first sits across from my office and may have inadvertently heard something and the second commented on my new clothes, "That is not your typical wardrobe … hiding something perhaps?"  Both situations made me realize that I do not like being put into a position where I am not telling the truth, so I made the decision to tell my manager on Monday.  Even though it isn’t ideal with a new director coming in who doesn’t know me and that our organization is still not set, nothing changes the fact that in six months I will be gone and even though I am guaranteed a job when I get back, I am not guaranteed the same job.  So, I am going to let him know and honestly, it is a bit of a relief.  You WANT to share the biggest news in your life!

      Our plans to head to the cabin this weekend ended up falling through, but it really is for the best – we were shipped our chairs for the family room this week and are in the process of getting rid of the black leather couches and coffee tables, so now I can FINALLY put my house together the way that I have wanted to!  We will get the pictures hung on the walls and take some photos of the end result and post (I know, been meaning to do that for awhile, I have been tired after work though!).  I will also have Jeremy start to take some photos of me, so that you can see how fat I am getting.  I have gained two pounds in the last two weeks – not too bad, but still … I would be okay slowing down a little. :-)  The baby is still only in the "ounces" in terms of weight, so I should be too!

      So, Happy First Trimester Incubation Day! :-)



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