After getting a whopping two and a half hour notice, we FINALLY got the appraisal done on our current home. That basically meant me flying around the house trying to get things picked up and cleaned in a very short period of time. Thankfully I had been trying to keep things up in anticipation, so the only thing I didn’t get done was vacuuming the media room (which I had done on Sunday and we haven’t been in that room much since then).

      And it was interesting to have a sense of relief after it was complete. It meant that things are now moving forward with the buyers (they have figured out the loan type they are going with) and we can now start packing all of our things, taking all the photos off the walls, and get everything ready for our move in two weeks.

      OMG WE MOVE IN TWO WEEKS!!! We also got the movers scheduled for Friday morning at 8:30am … nice and early for the day. The next two weeks are going to be nuts with trying to get things done! AND I CAN’T WAIT!



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