Every area around us got 4-6 inches of snow today.  We BARELY got an inch even though it has been snowing all day long.  Just the tiny flakes that take forever to accumulate.  It is still snowing now and seems like it is coming down harder, but the little flakes aren’t adding up like I want them to!

      To add insult to injury, check out the video that Scott posted on Facebook.  If you aren’t his friend, I don’t blame you (but feel free to add him, just for the snow pictures). :-)

      After today they are predicting another round of snow late Saturday into Sunday, which likely translates into nuthin.  That’s all we ever get is nuthin.


      BTW totally lied – it snowed 5-6 inches that day and is snowing again. Happiness!

      I think this is what’s going to happen to us today!