Happy Anniversary to us!  We made it through our first year of marriage without killing one another and we still actually like each other! ;-)  Our first year was definitely a whirlwind of activity and difficult situations that we came through stronger from encountering … let’s take a look back…

      Our honeymoon in New England – there really was no better way to start off the rest of our lives together!  Our enjoyment of exploring & my absolute LOVE of autumn – we started our journey wandering the Northeast in all it’s lovely splendor.  We met some wonderful people that we still keep in touch with (hi John & Betty!) and it had to be the most relaxing two weeks we could have ever dreamed!

      We had the first annual Halbert’s Holiday Party to kick off the festive season with our friends and family, where San-Todd made an appearance and little Lily Hagg was enamored and kept close by so that Santa knew that she was a good girl this year.  I finally got to experience my first ever lighting festival in Leavenworth – lovely all around!  And the snow this year … I was in heaven!

      We sold Jeremy’s house & put our Renton house up for sale and put the down payment on the Redmond house.  Who knew that experience would have turned out the way it did … round and round with lawyers and negotiating when we found out about the low-income duplexes that were pretty much less than a street away.  That had to have been one of the most stressful experiences that we have ever been through, but the end result was exactly what we needed – BOTH of us were deciding to stay in the Renton house, and we were going to make it ours.  We have been going through a series of room "make-overs" with new furniture, paint, etc.  Getting that house ready to sell was really an eye-opener to how nice we could make it.  (I will post photos this weekend of the "before" and "after" of the recent round of painting).  We also said goodbye to the Jeep and I got my first grown-up car (the Highlander).

      And we traveled – I had a long weekend in San Diego to meet up with my parents for some sunshine in the winter, had a sales meeting in Vegas, Jeremy and I spent a long weekend in Napa, then I had the whirl-wind trip in June where I was in London, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York (traveling 3 weeks in a row).  Plus all the cabin trips – we have definitely had our fair share of experiences out and about :)

      We also said goodbye to Chip, Sandy, Chase, Chloe, and Charley as they embarked on their indefinite move to India.  Always thankful to hear from them and know they are doing well, we do miss them terribly!  I still not-so-secretly hope that they are home within a year (I have to try! :-)

      And now the biggest event of our lives … the upcoming arrival of The Bean/Rambo/Speedracer/Insert Your favorite baby nickname here.  I would have never guessed a year ago I would be pregnant on our anniversary – I knew that we would likely be seriously discussing it, potentially trying, but I never would have thought we would be almost through our first trimester by the time our anniversary hit.  Funny how things work out!

      And speaking of the baby – we are now entering Week 13.  The baby is developing finger prints and is getting more and more distinctly human every day.  By this time next week I will be entering the second trimester – it is amazing how quickly time is passing.  I am still not gaining any weight (yay for me!  wonder if the doc will yell at me at my next appointment though), I feel great, but I am sleeping a bit more these days.  I have about one night a week where I crash early and sleep for a good 10-12 hours.  I know I have been insanely lucky that this has been so easy so far!  Jeremy and I have been trying to guess when I will start showing.  I think in the next three weeks or so (end of September/early October) I will start to pop out a little bit.  Hoping that I can still hide it through middle of October, but there gets to be a point when I just need to come out with it at work.  It’s hard to not talk about the most important thing in your life!

      We look forward to what the next year has to bring & know that it will be full of funny stories and good times!

      We hope that everyone is doing well!


      The size of a med shrimp….I think "prawn" would be better


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