This had to have been the most interesting drive to the cabin that I have ever had.  We got a much later start on friday night than we were originally hoping.  Nikki’s birthday party was a lot of fun, so we didn’t leave that until after 8:30 and then it was clear that I didn’t get as much accomplished as I had wanted during the day because it took us another two hours to get the cars packed up and ready to go.  THANK GOODNESS for my parents kind hearts – they came over to watch Carter while we got everything together.

      Nikki and Ryan came up early with us, so we picked them up around 10:45 and FINALLY got on the road around 11pm.  I ended up following what looked like either really tired or drunk people for a little ways (Jeremy was behind me).  When there weren’t crazy drivers, we hit a torrential downpour in the mountains where it absolutely dumped rain for short bursts, or fog that you couldn’t see more than 30 feet in front of you.  We finally made it to the cabin at 1am, got the kids all tucked in and then unloaded all the cold food into the fridge and got to bed around 2am.  Um, that was one LONG night.

      Saturday was a lot of fun – Ian, Todd, and Mary were all here already so Ryan broke out the new Killer Bunnies game that we got him for his birthday.  The guys played AirSoft in the woods behind the cabin, Nikki and Mary went for a long walk, and we played the “Young Players” Edition of Trivial Pursuit (that was the only one that we could answer questions to).

      I made it on my 6 mile run as well – though I swear that a mile and a half of it were all a nice and steady uphill climb.  I kept telling myself that the downhill on the way back will be really appreciated.  My total mileage this week was 16 miles: Monday:3, Wednesday:4, Thursday:3, & Saturday:6.  Next week I am increasing a bit more and have an 8 mile long run (EEK).

      Today I think we are going to head to the beach at Lake Wenatchee.  Should be fun!